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About Us

A Foreword
Rannie Childress

Let me start by saying, I have been there. Where have I been? Well, take the worst of your actions, and resulting consequences, and I have been there. This ministry sprang not from those actions, or a focus on the negative, but from the gift of Jesus Christ in my life and the lives of those engaged in this ministry. So, where we are, and not where we have been, is the real story of Grace Ministries.

I firmly believe there is only one answer to the problem of addiction. Of course, that is for the person to realize their true identity in Jesus Christ. In my 30 years of drug and alcohol counselling, I have seen and created many approaches to addiction that begin the process of renewing the mind. Many of these philosophies are built around the highly successful 12-step program as first envisioned by Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith (co-founders) in the program of Alcoholics Anonymous. The philosophy below is one I was privileged to help create while working with New Outlook Therapeutic Community. I have made several updates to what we developed back then to reflect a trinitarian approach to the problem and identify our health Source: physical, mental, and spiritual.

We have awakened and realized that where we are in our lives is not where we were created to be.

We acknowledge our suffering and the hurt we have caused others and that Christ in Us means our old self has died, and we can truly live and maintain our new lives in Him.

We recognize the common ground upon which we all stand and now know our conscious contact with God will improve daily.

We believe that there is only once race among us, the human race and that we must renew our minds to look for Jesus in ourselves, others, and our society.

We stand together in unity, like a mirror reflecting the love of Christ to ourselves and others so that we will see Jesus in all.

We believe that freedom, peace, and happiness come from realizing our true identity in Christ Jesus.

We believe that to be without Jesus is to be without hope, to be without hope is to be without purpose in our lives in Christ, and our purpose, Jesus, motivates us forward. 

Our growth is based on the realization of Christ in us, the real Hope of Glory.

We know that being honest can be very painful. Still, through Jesus Christ we have been given new strength and recognize the He has torn-down the walls of denial, guilt, and loneliness so that the doors for personal growth and achieving our highest potential are open.

His finished work has replaced our past ways of doing, and we are now committed to listening, learning, and applying new principles that we know bring us closer to Him.

As we realize our identity in Christ, we will never forget that we are full of the love of the Trinity and that our purpose is to give it away.

What We Believe

God Is Not Mad At You (me)

God is Father-Son-Spirit
God is Love (Father is Love….Son is Love……Holy Spirit is Love)

Jesus is the Creator (John 1)

God is a loving God…not a Punishing God
(results of our sins/wrongdoings causes consequences)

We are not nor never have been separated from God.

We died with Christ and we rose to live with Christ

The Gospel is truly realized in understanding John 14: 20

The Gospel is not news of an absent Jesus who waits for us to receive Him into our lives.  The Gospel is the staggering news that Jesus has received us into His life. Jesus has received us into His relationship with His Father, into His anointing with the Spirit, into His relationship with the human race, into His relationship with the cosmos.

The existence of Jesus Christ is not plan ‘B’ quickly worked up after the failure of plan ‘A’ in Adam.  Jesus Christ is plan ‘A’.  He is the alpha and the omega, the first, the eternal Word of God.

We see something of the profound darkness that hinders mankind in the Light that Is Jesus…..and what He has made of us in His life, death, resurrection and ascension.  

It is our calling to have our minds, our world-views, our fundamental vision reconstructed in the light of Jesus, to think through the personal, relational, global, historical, political, economic, environmental, religious, scientific and cosmic implications of the very identity of Jesus Christ.  

Jesus Christ himself is the truth that can set us free from the bondage of darkness.  We are called to bear witness to Jesus Christ, the truth of all truths, the light of the cosmos, the One in whom the Triune God, the human race and the universe are personally and rightly related. 

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