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February 16, 2021 - Tuesday - LMA Devotional

Hey Everybody,

LMA Christ-Centered Recovery Group (We Are All Recovering From Something)


(Life MoreAbundant) Opening Statement

LMA is based on the theme 'We Are All RecoveringFrom Something"; as we know many of ourparticipants struggle with Substance Abuse and/or Dependence. Yet, even the 12-Step Model (according to the AA Text; better known as the 'Big Book'); states that 'Alcohol is but a symptom";•.•••• (ie ..•Drugs are symptom; Sin/Wrongdoing are symptoms.••.•).

Our premise is that we suffer from a 'much deeper' malady than the 'substance or behavior'; Our Spiritual Condition is the "key to our Recovery, Redemption and Overall Healing".

We are not here to force our 'views' or 'beliefs' upon one another; but to seek a closer Relationship with Jesus Christ and with one another. Our goal is to 'grow in our Spiritual Life"; and to experience a'More Abundant Life' as the result of thisRelationship. Let us read from Luke:

Luke 4:18-19 (TPT) 18-19 "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, and he hasanointed me to be hope for the poor, freedom for the brokenhearted, and new eyes for the blind, and to preach to prisoners, 'You are set free!' I have come to share the message of Jubilee, for the time of God's great acceptance has begun."

LMA is a Christ-Centered Fellowship for those that have finally realized that they are in ‘need’ of Recovery (Healing from Something); Look into the words that are shared here…..reflect upon the LMA teachings and allow them to guide you as our Precious Holy Spirit directs…..(encourages and inspires)……

John 21:25 (TPT) Jesus did countless things that I haven’t included here. And if every one of his works were written down and described one by one, I suppose that the world itself wouldn’t have enough room to contain the books that would have to be written! Jesus still Lives and works in and around us……look for Him in ‘All’ things….. Enough said…..

In jesus,

Rannie Childress senior Pastor

Grace ministries at rapha

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